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Olivetti Underwood Logos 400aPD

Brand: Olivetti-Underwood.
Model: Logos 400aPD.
Origin: Made in Hong Kong in 1979 based on chip datecodes. I believe this was the last period of production of this Logos series.
Type: Basic desktop printing calculator with display.
Functions: 4-Basic function plus memory, grand total and item count. Works only with AC plug, with no battery support.
Display: One block of 13 VFD digits with 12 numerals and 1 digit for indication of negative number, memory and overflow condition.
Keyboard: Numerals plus decimal point, Basic operations (+, -, *, %), Memory keys (Plus, Minus, Subtotal and Total) with green background, Grant Total, Item count, Print single line and Clear Entry/All. Four sliding switches for: Automatic Print mode On/Off, Account mode On/Off, Round mode and Decimal point position.
Main chips: Rockwell 10934CC with date code 7908 and a Rockwell A6800EE chip with datecode 7907. Also I can identify a Texas Instruments TIP110 bipolar single Darlington NPN transistor with datecode 7901 and two Texas Instruments ULN2002A-CU Darlington transistor arrays with datecodes 7816.
Remarks: Probably this calculator was made for the US market but it was sold in Argentina in a retail store as a new brand calculator with a voltage conversion from 110 to 220v. Curiously there is no indication of 220v, labels on the back and on the power supply indicates 115v. I had to check several times with the original seller that the actual working voltage is 220v!!!
Size: 14.76 x 13.00 x 3.54 in, 375 x 330 x 90 mm.
Accesories: Detachable power cord and some paper rolls.
Condition: (9/10) Very good near mint. No marks on casing and no wear on keycaps, so I believe this calculator is almost unused.


Pictures of my Logos 400aPD.


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