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Facit 1185

Brand: Facit.
Model: 1185.
Origin: Sweden.
Introduction: 1973, this example was built in 1974.
Type: Big basic desktop calculator.
Functions: 4-Basic function, memory, percent, constant.
Display: 12 digits Panaflex display plus 3 indicators (see below).
Keyboard: 23 keys, 3 switches for Konstant, 5/4 round and ON/OFF, rotating knob for decimal point selection (0-11 decimals).
Main chips: EA 7025 & EA 7172 chips with date code 7406 (February 1974).
Logic comments: Pseudo RPN notation with += and -= keys, very used at the beginning of the 70s. Results are always displayed with fixed decimal point notation, except if the integer part requires more digits on the display. It has the -0 bug, for example if you enter 1 -= 1 += you will read -0. Also, the memory indicator has a strange behavior: Memory lamp lights on when you press M+ or M-, regardless if memory content is 0 or not. For example, if you press 1 M+ 1 M- the memory lamp with remains on. The same if you press 0 M+. Only will be powered off when you press CM, very rare! A brief key description:

0-9 and . (decimal point): Numeric and decimal point keys.

M+, M-, MR, MC: Conventional keys for memory operation: Add to, Subtract from, Memory recall and Memory clear.

+= and -=: Add/Equal and Subtract/Equal.

x and รท: Multiply and divide.

%: Percent calculation.

C and CE: Clears the machine and clear entry.

EX: Exchange contents between display (Register X) and second operator (Register Y).
Remarks: Robust construction and spartan design, strong presence in any desk but not very heavy. No battery support..
Size: 10.24 x 7.20 x 2.95 in, 260 x 183 x 75 mm.
Condition: (8/10) Very good, working.
Hardware Comments: This calculator have a 12 digit orange Panaflex display with a red filter, so you see the results in red. Please see the pictures without the red filter, you will see a standard orange Panaflex display. The display has some indicators not used in this implementation, like the commas on digits 1 to 9 from the left and the special sign at the right (please see pictures). At the left of the Panaflex display there are 3 lamps to indicate Overflow, Memory content (remember: This lamp remains on until you press CM) and Negative number.


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