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ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА (Elektronika) MKU-1

Brand: ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА (Elektronika).
Model: MKU-1.
Origin: Ex Soviet Union.
Introduction: 1990.
Type: Scientific desktop calculator with VFD display operated with 220v AC power, no battery support.
Functions: 4-Basic function plus trigonometric functions SIN, COS, TAN, ARCSIN, ARCCOS, ARCTAN, logarithmic functions LN, LOG, e^x, 10^x, Determinant of a 2x2 matrix, Roots of a quadratic equation. Other functions: 1/x, x^2, y^x, Square root, Pi. Memory and constant. No programming capability.
Display: 8 digit + Sign VFD display in one big glass tube.
Keyboard: 24 keys plus On/Off switch and one unused sliding switch!
Main chips: K145ИK1301 (brand?) with datecode 9203 (beginning of 1992).
Logic comments: Algebraic input with one parenthesis level for complex expressions. Uses a maximum of 8 digit plus sign. Normal and scientific notation with mantissa (5 digit max) and exponent (2 digit max). Use ВП to input the exponent. Most keys have 2 functions, you must type F to activate the red-colored function. The key with rare notation /-/ is for sign change, you can press it in the middle of a number input. Overflow and divide-by-zero condition is displayed with 9 hyphens (8 digit plus minus sign) and is unrecoverable. There is a big dot displayed when you press a key, a busy indicator? A brief description of the memory control keys:

П+: Adds to memory.

X->П: Stores display to memory.

П->X: Recalls memory to display.

X<->П: Exhanges between display and memory.
Remarks: Big desktop calculator with translucent display cover built with very light and fragile plastics. The power cable is also very fragile and must be handled with care, remember this calculator works with 220v!

Rare is the unused sliding switch located on the left of the "4" key. This switch is locked, you can't move it, but below this switch on the mainboard, there are 4 holes to allow the connection of some kind of component associated with this switch, probably used in other models.

Very long time to complete some operations, for example, to calculate the ARCTAN with an out-of-range result the calculator takes up to 23 seconds to display the overflow indication!
Size: 10.43 x 6.97 x 2.56 in, 265 x 177 x 65 mm.
Condition: (8/10) Very Good, working.


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