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Burroughs C3260

Brand: Burroughs.
Model: C3260.
Origin: Japan.
Introduction: 1971.
Type: Big basic desktop calculator.
Functions: 4-Basic function, add-only memory and 16 digit result mode for multiplication and division, no constant.
Display: 8 digit + Sign individual big Itron tubes.
Keyboard: 17 reed-switch keys, Mem/16 digit mode, Clear Memory and ON/OFF switch.
Main chips: Rockwell NRD2256, DC1152, ACM1156, AU2271C and Hitachi HD3113P with date codes Oct/70, Feb/71, Mar/71, Mar/71 and Feb/71, respectively, very early!.
Logic comments: Based on the Sharp EL-160 architecture with slight differences on the keyboard layout, but functionally identical. First implementation of LSI technology in a calculator with 4 chips manufactured by Rockwell but designed by Sharp, each counting 1875 electronic components. Also used in Sharp EL-8, Sharp QT-8B, Sharp QT-8D and other OEM versions. Keyboard has an unusual layout in order to minimize the key count. Key description:

0-9 and point: Numerals and decimal point keys.

÷X (Divide-Multiply): Use to divide or multiply if you complete the operation with := or += respectively, see examples below.

+= (Add-Multiply): Use to add or complete a multiplication.

:= (Substract-Divide): Use to subtract or complete a division.

C (Clear): Clears the calculator or return from the memory content.

Diamond key: Shows the memory register or the 8 right digits in a multiplication or division exceding 8 digits, depending on the Mem/16 switch.

Black + (Memory add): Adds to memory register, only if Mem/16 is in "Mem" position. In "16" position has no function.

Mem/16 (Memory mode): Switchs between memory mode and 16 digit mode for multiplication and division.

CM (Clear memory sliding switch): Clears the memory register.

Simple operation examples:

a) To compute 2+3 enter 2
+= 3 +=

b) To compute 2-3 enter 2
+= 3 :=

c) To compute 2*3 enter 2
÷X 3 +=

d) To compute 2/3 enter 2
÷X 3 :=

You can read a complete article about the Burroughs C3260 here, from
Remarks: Very robust and heavy construction, big Itron display, very clear and readable, no battery support.
Size: 9.84 x 6.10 x 3.35 in, 250 x 155 x 85 mm.
Condition: (9.9/10) Immaculate, better than you can see in this pictures, working.


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