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Your Curta needs to be cleaned or repaired? Here is a list of specialists who can help you:

Jack Christensen, Timewise
32 Old Barn Road
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois 60047
(847) 550-5052

email to:

Romano Manaresi
Italy Curta Service - Centro italiano assistenza Curta
Bergamo, Italy

email to: (English and Italian)

Bernd Schroeder
In der Au 2c
52379 Langerwehe-Schlich

email to: (English and Deutsche)

Curta - Entretien et réparations
A venir...

Contact: (French)

Here you can see the original Curta Type 1 & 2 Service Handbook in German:

Curta 1 Service-Handbuch (1967) - Curt Herzstark Rechenmaschine:

Curta 2 Service-Handbuch (1967) - Curt Herzstark Rechenmaschine:

If you feel confident enough to disassembly your Curta to try to repair it or simply to enjoy an inside view of this wonderful machine with over 600 pieces (type I) or 700 pieces (type II) you can see this links, but, please do it with extreme care!

"Disassembling a Curta Calculator, What's Inside?" by Greg A. Saville: (Link not working @ Sept 22, 2021)

"Curta Disassembly" from "The Calculator Reference":

"CURTA Calculator Assembly" by Hansjörg Nipp.
Zusammenbau einer Curta Rechenmaschine - Demonstration of CURTA calculator assembly:

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