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ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА (Elektronika) B3-26

Brand: ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА (Elektronika).
Model: B3-26.
Origin: Ex Soviet Union.
Introduction: 1977, this example was built in 1978.
Type: Basic pocket-size calculator with dual AC operation and 4 AA batteries.
Functions: 4-Basic function plus square root, percent, constant and memory.
Display: 8 digit + Negative/Memory indication VFD display in 1 glass tube.
Keyboard: 25 keys plus On/Off switch.
Main chips: Unknown, not visible.
Logic comments: Basic calculator with automatic constant in the 4 functions. Negative numbers are displayed with the "-" indication at the far left of the display. Overflow error is shown with all decimal points on and is recoverable after pressing C. It is possible to compute a square root of a negative number, do not raise an error, but the result is also a negative number. For example: Square root of -2 gives -1.4142... Non-zero memory content is indicated with decimal point on on the first (left) digit. A brief description of each key:

0 to 9 and . (decimal point): Numerals and decimal point.

/-/: Sign change.

+, -, x, ÷: 4 basic functions.

=: Equal key.

C: Clear key.

Square root: Most advanced function of this calc!

%: Percent.

<->: Exchange contents of registers X and Y. Useful in subtract and division to change the order of operators.

П+: Memory Add.

П-: Memory Subtract.

ИП: Memory Recall.

: Clear Memory.
Size: 5.51 x 3.15 x 0.98 in, 140 x 80 x 25 mm.
Accesories: Pouch.
Condition: (9/10) Very Good, mint, working.
Download: Elektronika B3-26 magazine advertisement of the soviet space era, click here.


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